Thursday, October 20, 2011

Male Epicurean Looking For A Mate

If you are Female, please go to Female Epicurean Looking For A Mate.

Please use this page only for adding your profile.    You are welcome to discuss the concept of Epicurean Commitment here.

Below you can click on 'Post a comment' and in the comment form you can write your ad, it will be published after moderation.    If you are not sure, if the Epicurean Commitment is really, what you want, please read this page.   Unsuitable ads or links will not be published as will be spam or commercial links.    There are many other sites for the kind of ads, which are repulsive to an Epicurean woman. 
I suggest that you include the following information about yourself and what you expect or prefer from your match.  

Your nickname or name.
Your age. 
Your marital status and what kind of a relationship you are looking for.
The number of your children and if they are living with you or have left the house.   
If you are childfree or if you want children.
Your level of formal education.
Your location, if you limit the distance of your search and if you are able and willing to relocate.
Your religion or if you are a skeptic and non-religious.
Your use of tobacco and alcohol.
Your political preference.

Anything else, that you consider important to tell to your match.
How you can be contacted, either by email, or the link to any personal profile or webpage.  

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Anonymous said...

A find this "Epicurean Commitment" to be a wonderful idea for those that study Epicurean philosophy and wish to find a relationship with another that seeks to implement this philosophy as a way of life. I will definitely place my profile.